Satisfied clients say...

Dominic Payne de Cramilly, The Railway Sleeper
Earlier this year we decided to revamp our existing website. We trawled around the various website designers to see who could offer what and at a price within our budget. Zest responded promptly followed by a personal meeting where it was clear they clearly understood our needs as a business.

Our new site was up and running at the beginning of May 2009 and we have not looked back since. We have seen around a 50% increase in customer bookings and the feedback from these customers is that the site is easy to navigate around and clearly answers all their questions.

In addition, we have a simple online availability and booking feature which is being used increasingly and we have the added benefit of a sophisticated but incredibly simple to use back office function which enable us to manage all our bookings form the initial enquiry stage right through to collection of payment. Added to this, the system generates any number of standard templates that it can automatically email to customers not only confirming what they have booked but any time 24/7, meaning a professional approach is offered to customers even if it's the middle of the night!

From the colours, designs, photos and overall working of our site, I would have no hesitation in recommending Zest to any business seeking a solution to their website presence.
The Railway Sleeper
Jackie Browne, Bure Valley Farm Stays
We are so pleased that we made the decision to have a new website from Zest Leisure. Our bookings have increased in both self catering & Bed and Breakfast.

Having a back office is great even though I am still learning how to deal with everything but it is considerably quicker when people book on line.

Keith and Sherill are extremely professional but are also very caring and kind with it, something you will not get with a larger website company.

Last year our cottages were with English Country Cottages, the commission we paid them was several times more than the cost of the new website.

So I would like to say thank you very much to Keith and Sherill and long may our business relationship and friendship continue.

Kind regards Jackie Browne
Bure Valley Farm Stays
Helen Prince, Trinity Town House
Being a complete novice, I was very impressed with how easily and smoothly our new web site came together and we are really pleased with the final result.

Zest Leisure have created an idiot proof product with brilliant personal back up and support to guide you through the set up process. The help pages really do work and were easy to follow. Changes and updates are easy to do so editing is under your own control keeping costs down.

Zest Leisure gave us good tips and advice for attracting customers through searches and optimisation and as soon we were up and running on the World Wide Web the bookings rolled in.

Amazingly we have been fully booked ever since and pretty much 100% have come in via the web site.

Helen Prince
Trinity Townhouse
Steve and Barbara Sumner, Casa La Camorra
After moving to Teba, in Andalucia, Spain about 18 months ago and creating a self-catering apartment for holiday rentals within our villa, our next headache was how to market it. We knew a website was a must but did not know a thing about them and had no idea where to start.

Prior to buying our villa we had stayed on numerous occasions with Keith and Sherill at Finca Limoneros and remembered Keith's offer of assistance in this department when the time came.

The thought of setting up a website was more scary than renovating the apartment - but we need not have worried - Keith made the whole process very simple - within a few days of asking him to set one up for us we had the basic framework and Keith paid us a visit to explain how to input the content/photo's and create more pages etc.

We were amazed how easy it was and soon got the hang of it. The fact that we can amend/delete or add new info to the site whenever we need to without going via our webmaster is very convenient, and Keith is always on hand if we do have any queries.
Many of our friends and clients have commented on how good the site is, ie, easy to navigate , well laid out, quick to open up - not too over the top with flashing lights and moving images etc. We are on page 1 with all the main search engines (number 1 on most) for 'accommodation' or 'self-catering' or 'birding' coupled with 'Teba'.

We are impressed with the recent enhancements Keith has made, and have already given our site a face lift with background and navigation colour changes which have definately improved the appearance, the pictures now stand out against the background much better.

We would be happy to recommend Keith's services to anyone needing a new website.

Steve and Barbara Sumner
Casa La Camorra
Susan Roberts, Quadlander Treks
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Keith for all his help in constructing my new website.

The programme Keith has devised is in my opinion bombproof! It has to have been if I have managed to produce a high quality web site up and running in a matter of days.

Given a task, Keith fulfilled it in exemplary fashion - it's refreshing to come across such an attentive attitude.

The on going support and assistance with the most trivial of matters allows me to enhance my web site day by day which is a great help.

The next person I meet and all those thereafter who are looking to start up a web site I will urge them to meet with Keith.

Thanks again to Keith for all his help

Quadlander Treks
John Butler, Donana Bird Tours
In April 2002 I decided to start up my own Bird Tours company in the Donana area. I realised that the competition was strong and that I would need a really good website to give me an edge over the other existing companies. My main problem was that I had no experience of computers whatsoever, so needed something that would be simple yet effective.

I knew that a friend of mine, Keith Seville, of Zest-Leisure was a bit of a whiz-kid with computers and sought his advice and help. Within a week he had created my website, Donana Bird Tours, and had instructed me how to add all the content that I needed. The website gives me full up-dating capabilities and I am able to add almost daily “trip reports” and news from the area.

Sure, there were a few teething problems, due mainly to me not knowing
exactly what I was doing, but a quick telephone call or e-mail to Keith
usually put me back on the straight and narrow within minutes.

I quickly learned how to master most of the problems myself and set about creating my own text, with photos, for the website. Within months my website was number one on most major search engines, including Google, Alta Vista, Lycos, MSN, Ask Jeeves and Hotbot. The facility to quickly update the site myself, without having to rely on a Webmaster to do it for me is surely a contributing factor to the websites’ success.

Other features of the website layout enable me to check the number of
visitors to the site each day, the pages that they looked at and the time spent viewing each individual page. I find this a very important tool as it is an indication of what interests people most and allows me to make amendments as and when required. I feel that this capability, coupled with the fact that the website really does look good, has given me the all-important edge over the completion.

I was recently taught by Keith how to create mailing lists and how to send out regular “Newsletters” to my previous and potential clients. This is a great way of marketing your product and I received numerous bookings as a direct result of sending out my first newsletter..

Over the last two years I have received many compliments on the layout and content of my website and although the content is mine and mine alone, the layout and easy-to-navigate system installed by Keith is equally important and is a major contributor to my websites’ success.

My company is now the market leader for bird tours in the Donana region and my website is visited by over 15,000 people each year. A testimony, I think, to the professional way in which Keith Seville operates and maintains his relationships with those he deals with.

John Butler
Dońana Bird Tours.